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A natural occurrence as we age is that we lose elasticity in our skin and develop looseness around the jawline and underneath the neck. The mini face lift also known as a neck lift is best suited for men and women between 40 and 65  who have good skin tone, but are starting to see some laxity and jowling in their lower face.

The surgery is similar to a traditional face lift, the difference being the scar is shorter and there are fewer complications. There is also a little less swelling post-operatively and the recovery period is quick compared to a standard face lift. The patient can usually return to work after five to seven days.

The incisions are made around the ear, but not in the hairline. There is also a small incision underneath the chin. These smaller incisions mean less downtime. Dr Lee does complementary fat injections as part of the mini face lift / neck lift procedure. The fat injections can treat nasolabial folds (area that extends from the nose to the corner of the mouth), the marionette lines (the area that extends from the corner of the mouth to the jawline) and the lips to give more fullness.

What are Realistic Expectations for a Mini Face Lift/ Neck Lift?

Skin type and patient age influence the final results. Skin will continue to age after the procedure. Dr. Lee strives to make the scars as inconspicuous as possible. During the healing time, pain medication is usually required, and physical and social activity may be limited.

What are the Benefits of a Mini Face Lift / NeckLift?

The results of a mini face lift / neck lift are a defined jawline and smooth neck. The effects of a mini face lift / neck lift are dramatic and can erase many years off your appearance. However, the aging process will continue after the surgery, meaning that even long-lasting results are not permanent. But we have often found that patients come back for a visit after 10 years and look better than ever!


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