Botox has been used for more than 15 years to help patients worldwide. Creases and wrinkles are often caused by hyperactive facial muscles. Botox is actually a very tiny amount of botulism that is placed into the wrinkled areas of the face to relax the muscles causing the skin to flatten and smooth out.

How is Botox administered?

The areas to be treated are anesthetized with a topical anesthesia or ice.  Botox is then injected using a small needle. The effects will be seen in about 5 days and usually last between three and four months. The injection can be repeated when needed but needs to be minimum three months apart. There may be a little redness in the injection site but this disappears within a day or two.

Where is Botox used?  

Botox is most commonly used for the frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead creases.  Neck bands also can be flattened dramatically. The vast majorities of our Botox patients love this “quick fix” and return for another treatment as soon as the wrinkles begin to reappear. This procedure can be done in about 30 minutes. For more information, please go to


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